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Many properties in and around Dartford still feature old timber windows and doors. For some, this is because they are listed buildings with legal restrictions on what is permitable to alter. But for most, it’s because they’re yet to be modernised. Palace Windows & Doors Ltd regularly replaces outdated and problematic fixtures with modern products like UPVC windows or aluminium doors. You might wonder why exactly people invest so much in these areas, so on this page we’ve run through common problems experienced with timber frames.


But keep in mind we also replace modern products like uPVC sliding doors and bi-folding doors, or front of property aluminium doors, simply because homeowners fancy a change. So whatever your reason for considering new windows and doors, consider our team of experts for made-to-order, quality products, at competitive prices and with speedy turnaround times.


Problems With Timber Frames


Warping – Caused by moisture getting into the frame, warping causes it to deviate from its intended straight shape and to become malformed. Not only is this unsightly, impacting the kerb appeal of Dartford properties, but it creates openings for air and heat to enter or escape. Badly warped fixtures often need replacing, while mild warping is often a DIY fix.


While we recommend re-finishing to prevent older wooden frames warping, many Dartford clients find that replacing timber sliding doors, bi-folding doors or windows with uPVC/aluminium products is the best long-term solution. uPVC and aluminium doors (and aluminium windows for that matter) do not suffer from warping, as moisture can’t get between a properly sealed and undamaged fixture.


Different types of warping include:


  • Bow – warping lengthwise
  • Crook – edge warping
  • Kink – a crook within a small section, perhaps because of a knot
  • Cup – warping along the width of the face
  • Twist – the ends no longer line-up


Expanding & Swelling – These issues have less of a visual impact than warping/bowing, but could be more harmful in the long run. Caused by temperature fluctuations – the frame contracts in dry air then expands in humidity – expanding and swelling can result in your door or window no longer being able to open or close. Obviously, this means it’s not fit for purpose and requires significant structural repairs, or outright replacement.


Dartford properties with uPVC windows / doors, or aluminium doors and aluminium windows, will not experience issues with expanding and swelling. These modern materials simply aren’t effected by minor temperature changes. This also makes them ideal options for sliding doors and bi-folding doors, which deal with both more moisture and temperature factors due to usually being positioned on the outside of properties.


Cracking – When wood gets dry or cold, it shrinks and can cause cracking. Minor cracks may not pose much of a problem aesthetically, but they allow moisture to seep inside and cause warping in the long-term. It’s possible to cover up and fill in cracks with paint or putty, but often Dartford property owners don’t notice minor cracks until they worsen.


Again, with uPVC or aluminium windows / aluminium doors, you won’t need to worry about this issue. “Natural” cracking caused by changes in temperature are completely off the table, while cracks caused by accidental damage are less likely to occur due to the durability of modern materials.


Peeling – If not well maintained, paint on wooden fixtures can suffer from peeling. While less problematic than the above issues, it’s still a nuisance. You will likely need to remove all the old paint from the timber using hot air and a tool to scrape it off, before repainting and refinishing the door. As uPVC windows and aluminium doors / aluminium windows aren’t painted, and their colour is the very material itself, you won’t ever experience peeling or the need to repaint them. And as they’re available in a full range of RAL colours, you can really tailor them to your existing interior design scheme.


So if you have old timber fixtures and want to avoid all of the hassle detailed above, why not invest in modern sliding doors, bi-folding doors or window fixtures? Palace Windows & Doors Ltd, which serves domestic, commercial and industrial clients throughout Dartford, operates out of a workshop in Northfleet.

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