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Choosing brand new fixtures for your Chislehurst property might seem like a daunting task. There are many different products on the market, from aluminium doors and aluminium windows, to UPVC windows and doors. On top of the frame’s material, you have the style to consider. For example, sliding doors or bi-folding doors. Then you have the glazing to select – single, double or triple? What energy rating should you shoot for?


But let’s keep things simple and take one element at a time. On this page we look at frame materials, comparing the individual benefits of uPVC and aluminium. If you have any questions, or wish to obtain a no obligation quote on any of our products, give us a call on 0208 301 4890.


The Palace Windows & Doors workshop is based just a short-drive from Chislehurst, and we pride ourselves on designing and installing aluminium doors, aluminium windows, uPVC windows / doors, all other sliding doors and bi-folding doors, in under 10 days.


Aluminium vs uPVC – Battle of the Modern Materials


Energy Efficiency – Both uPVC and aluminium windows can achieve the highest standard of energy efficiency, but need to be fitted with quality double or triple glazing. Our windows and doors feature A rated glazing as standard, and you have the option of upgrading this rating to A+ or even A++.


Aesthetic – This is completely subjective, though most property owners we speak to around Chislehurst believe aluminium offers a more premium aesthetic. The best way to decide which material better appeals to your stylistic sensibilities, is to look at examples on the internet or in person at our Northfleet showroom. Keep in mind that our sliding doors and bi-folding doors are all made-to-order, so if you like a certain material/style but want to change a feature, that’s fully possible.


Durability – Aluminium windows and aluminium doors are the clear winner here. uPVC is no slouch in the durability department, but an alloy metal will always trump plastic. This durability means aluminium is very appealing to security-conscious Chislehurst homeowners. It also reduces the likelihood that accidental damage will occur due to a knock.


Price – If you’re on a tight budget, uPVC windows and doors are the best option. It’s a cheaper material to manufacture, and this carries over to the product’s end price. Don’t let this put you off aluminium sliding doors / bi-folding doors, however. While a premium material, products are available at multiple price points.


Maintenance – Compared with timber, both uPVC and aluminium windows / doors are extremely easy to maintain. The occasional wipe down with warm soapy water and a clean cloth will suffice. Neither material suffers from problems that can plague timber, like bowing, warping, rotting, cracking etc. So these more significant acts of maintenance are also not an issue.


Customisation – Want to get creative? Both our uPVC and aluminium products are made to order, and can be manufactured in any RAL colour, with a choice of finishes including powder coating and a wood grain look. So if you’re searching for uPVC windows that match the architecture of your property, or want to create statement bi-folding doors / sliding doors that act as an interior design centrepiece, choose Palace Windows & Doors Ltd.


So as you can see, modern materials have advantages they share with each other, as well as minor differences. Know that whichever you opt for, you’ll be going a long way to upgrading your property when you call in our friendly team of experts.

Still unsure which material will best suit your Chislehurst property? Call the Palace team on 0208 301 4890. Whether it’s sliding doors or uPVC windows you’re after, we can help!

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