Tackle Noise Pollution With Bi-Folding Doors and uPVC Windows in Bromley

One of the most attractive benefits of upgrading old windows and doors is to deal with noise pollution. Over the 30 years we’ve spent fitting everything from aluminium windows / uPVC windows, to sliding doors and bi-folding doors, we’ve dealt with many cases where this was a client’s chief goal. So if you live near one of Bromley’s busier roads, next to a pub or school, or by a neighbour who is the world’s least considerate bagpipe player – we can help you. On this page, we’ve looked to explain exactly how modern fixtures like uPVC and aluminium doors can help your family get a sound night sleep.


The Science Behind Soundproofing


Sound vibrations find it a lot easier to get through poor quality fixtures than walls, foundations and roofs – this is why soundproofing experts will first look to windows and doors. Firstly, if single glazing features throughout your home or commercial property, then double-glazing should replace it. The science is simple – the bigger the gap between windowpanes, the more sound absorbed on the way in.


Secondly, give thought to how thick the glass is. Just having double-glazing within a Bromley property’s uPVC windows and aluminium windows is no guarantee of effective sound insulation. Some panes are thicker than others, and this thickness also does a lot to reduce the amount of sound vibrations getting into your property.


Don’t forget to consider the negative impact that certain bi-folding doors or sliding doors might have. While our company manufactures quality, made-to-order products in these two categories, some Bromley homes and offices feature inferior products that give little thought to sound insulation. Just because a fixture looks the part, doesn’t mean it is functional in this department.


Another important area to consider is the frame. All windows should be airtight and not feature broken seals, as should aluminium doors. If there is an opening then the entire unit may be compromised, and letting through more sound than intended.  Bromley residents experiencing this issue will also see their energy bills rise and their properties becoming harder to heat.


Many aluminium windows, uPVC windows, sliding doors and bi-folding doors we manufacture feature triple-glazing. While it might seem the best option for sound proofing at first glance, this isn’t always the case. It’s more about the thickness of glass and the gap between panes, rather than how many gaps there are.


So if you have the space and budget for thick, properly set triple-glazing, this could be an idea. However, it’s highly situational as most of the time, double-glazing will do just as good a job. If your property is still suffering the effects of noise pollution, it may pay to look at other contributing factors. For example, noise may be coming in through poorly constructed walls or floors.


Don’t Put Up With Excess Noise


In Bromley and dealing with noise pollution? Contact the team at Palace Windows & Doors. Our Northfleet-based team specialises in the manufacture of made-to-order products including:


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Replacing single-glazed, or old/broken fixtures with new, modern products will go a long way to ensuring your sleep is uninterrupted and you can about your day without being disturbed.

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